Semi Automatic Labeling Machine

Gum / Wet Glue Labelling Machines are configured to dispense, print, or apply labels to elliptical or rectangular products, generally food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical products in plastic, glass or metal bottles, Vials, Ampoules, Composite Containers, Grooved Bottle, Brut shape bottles and jars. Gum / Wet Glue Labelling Machines are incorporated with latest sophisticated Microprocessor Controlled Stepper Motor Drive having fibre Optic Label and Container sensing Sensor. Gum / Wet Glue Labelling Machines have sturdy and rugged Structure.

Technical Specification
Model GT-LB-40
*Output 5 to 40 Container / Minute.
**Container Size Ø 27 mm to Ø 150 mm
Height 35mm to 270 mm
(Suitable for long/short neck, e.g. brut shape bottle).
Gum For glass bottles – gum grade must be high quality.
Type of container Glass, Plastic, Aluminum, Pet etc.
Label size Width: 25mm to 160 mm
Length: 70 mm to 325 mm
Motor 0.5 HP / 3 Ph.